Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not sure how she will stay in a big girl bed, I guess we should think about getting a side rail on her bed, she never stays on this one!
 You know I am in love when she is sleeping with my pillow!  I never go with out my pillows and now I am down to one because apparently she is used to sleeping with a pillow.  We hadn't thought about that and one night when I went to put her down to sleep she got up, grabbed my pillow and laid back down on it! 
Luisa had a blast in the pool today, in one of her reports it said she liked to swim, but the first few times we took her to the pool she would barely get her feet wet.  But today, she was a wild child, jumping off the side into our arms, sticking her face in the water and splashing and having fun!
Yes, even mommy went into the pool to play!
I love the look on her face!  She didn't even wait until we counted to tres, she would just walk off the side of the pool into the water, ready or not!
Both girls fell asleep at the pool today.  Anaya "drowneded" so she said, and was very upset!  She apparently was playing on the steps and fell under, she came up to us crying saying she..."DROWNEDED!"  Poor thing was very upset and we had a nice chat about how we NEVER go by the pool without swimmies!  We will be doing swimming lessons for Easton, Anaya and Luisa this summer!
Thanks Lucy for the wicked tan lines I now have!
Hormangas colonas!
In Guatemala we saw these ants and there they call them Zompopo's.  They don't eat them in Guatemala.  But here in Colombia, especially in Santander {which is a department, similar to our states} they EAT THEM!
*Amazing story: Mary Ellen has friends {Oscar and Ellen} who she met at school in Kentucky, who live in Belgium where Ellen is from, Oscar is from Colombia, and they "just happened" to be HERE in Bucaramanga this very week while we are here!  So tonight she went out with them for a bit and then brought them back to the house so we could meet them.  We learned a little about Belgium and more about Colombia, it was great to meet them!  Oscar brought us the Santander specialty of fried ants!  We had read about them, but didn't expect to actually eat them{I didn't give them a try!}  THANKS Oscar!  The kids will remember this for a lifetime! 

YES, she wanted one too!  So we gave her one, who knows she may have had them before!

Mary Ellen was not too sure about this, but she had her Coke Light ready to go!
Ready boys?
Ryan and Spencer crunching on ants!
They all said they weren't bad, kinda crunchy and salty!  I may have liked them, but that is just too weird!
Speaking of weird...check out Luisa eating her favorite fruit, granadilla fruit.  I haven't tried it yet, it looks slimy and has seeds in it which you just swallow, {and then find in her diaper the next morning!}

One more weird thing that happened today...While we were at the pool we met a lady who knows my mom!  They grew up in the same neighborhood and went to school together!  How weird is that!?!

Tomorrow morning bright and early (6:45) we have some doctor appointments for Luisa.  Please continue to pray the paperwork mess gets straightened out so we can get her meds.  Thanks for checking in!


LeeAnn Suman said...

I love stalking your blog. I am so excited for you guys. What an awesome adventure for your whole family. I will be praying that everything goes smoothly. Congratulations! Awesome is the only word that comes to mind when I think about what your family has been through,.

MBush said...

I am so with you on the ants....unless starving, I don't think I could do it. So good to see little Lucy coming out of her shell and becoming so comfortable with you all!