Thursday, February 24, 2011

One last post for the day...

I just love how he looks like such a little man here!
 Here is a look at some of the fruit we have been enjoying.  Thanks Mary Ellen, for the great photo's!

 This little muñeca{doll} cracks us up!  She spilled some water on the floor {after she tried throwing it into the fan!} She then went and found the broom and began to clean up her mess!

There goes the tongue!
 Such sweetness!

The boys flinging water with their hair.

cool dudes

This is the look she gives as she is about to ram the stroller into your legs!
 That is the smile she gives after she does it!  She is full of the dickens I tell you!

Today was another great day, we are enjoying our time together as it is coming to an end soon!

You would not believe the difference in Lucy today.  We had a few appointments to go to and she was just as shy and almost listless, sucking her thumb and not really responding to anyone, until we got back to the apartment and she saw the boys from the balcony.  She went nuts!  She was so glad to be home with the family and just like that, we had our fun little girl back.  We don't know what is going through her little mind, but it pains us to see her that way when we go to the appointments.  She does not do that when we are out and about with the family, it is only when we go to appointments or meetings.  We feel it is a good thing a couple of the boys are staying as she will continue to have the family around and not such a huge change once again.

We found out today that all of our paperwork has been submitted and we should find out soon {?} which court/judge has our case and then our lawyer said she can get in there and tell them to hurry it up!  I like that idea!  Thanks for your prayers,  God is faithful!


Anonymous said...

we all missed you at Blast Pastor Ryan tell everyone I say hey


nicole said...

thx for the posts. still reading.