Saturday, February 5, 2011

Perfect timing...

Thursday night and Friday, we celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary downtown Chicago while getting our special visitors visa from the Colombian Consulate.

This was a multi tasking weekend, after dropping our pukey kids off at my Moms on Thursday, (gotta love moms who will go the extra mile for you when you need it!~I LOVE YOU MOM & and DAD!!!~) we headed to Chicago and Ryan met with a pastor from a church downtown to go over a few details on the mission trip that is coming up this summer.  Then, we headed to our hotel, which we Pricelined for...$43.00!!  When I went on the hotel website the rooms were going for $150.00 a night!!!  We went out to dinner and then decided it was too cold to walk around and went back to the hotel!  We got married in February so we could go somewhere warm for our anniversary, guess how many times we have gone somewhere warm for our anniversary? 
Oh well, we are headed somewhere warm soon, so I am not complaining!!!

Our hotel was only a block off Michigan Ave. and only 2 blocks from the Colombian Consulate building!  We went out for breakfast then headed over to the consulate.  We were a little early so we took a seat, we went up to check in at the window around the time of our appointment and the lady called our name as we walked up.  She looked over our paperwork and had us add a few small details then asked us why we were adopting from Colombia.  I said something about our other daughter was adopted from Guatemala and that we found Luisa on a waiting child website and she was from Colombia so that is why we are going to Colombia.  Probably not the most flattering answer I could have given, but it was what popped into my head!  She told us to come back in 45 minutes, so we walked to a few stores and headed back.  We took our seats and in a few minutes she saw us sitting there and waved at us to come to the window.  She handed us our visas and told us to have a nice trip!  Piece of cake, and I was very relieved.  That was the last bit of paperwork I had to produce and was very glad to have it over and done with!!
After that, we headed straight toward home and did a little shopping for a few things we needed for the trip. (things you can't buy on Michigan Ave.)  We then went to my parents and had a little party for Dylan since we will be gone on his birthday.
So we had a busy, but productive 2 days!  We are on the countdown to Luisa!