Saturday, February 19, 2011


 First of all Lucy is doing great!  She slept well last night and had no fever this morning!  We want to thank you for praying for us, she is doing wonderful! 

Secondly, we had another amazing day today.  We were just about to head out to the club when our translator knocked on the door.  She was there to pick up the down payment for the apartment we are going to rent, and she brought along her nephew Juan.  We were asking them a few questions, first and foremost, where to take Luisa if she gets really sick?  We were taken care of last night by our angel who told us we could call at anytime, but we needed to know where we could take her near where we are staying.  So they called and found the hospital that would take her, and gave us the number and address.  Our second question was that we could not figure why we couldn't get a hold of her cell phone.  We called her house and 'talked' to her dear 90 year old mother, but could not call a cell phone!  We found out that the phone is locked and you can not call a cell from it, weird!  We also asked where to find Colombian souvenirs.  Well, they said that they would come back later and take us to a place to shop!

This is how the club looked this morning, all pink and fru fru just like my girls!  I loved it!

I am so jealous of her skin!  Everyone here comments on how white we are.  Yes, we know. blah!

Love her sweet stare!

This is Luisa's expensive $6 sippy cup!  It was worth it though because it is the only one she will drink from!

  So we went to the club and went swimming, ate lunch and came back home to find Patricia and Juan had left a container of banana soup for us to try!  Patricia had been telling us about this wonderful soup and we were like..." Banana soup? yuck!"  So she bought some and left it with the guard at the door.  Since we had already eaten we put it in the fridge for later. 
Juan picked us up around 2:45 and brought us to this huge store that had lots of Colombian (and some made in China!) goods.  He also brought us a cell phone we can use to call if we need it since our house phone will not call cell phones!  We have been blown away by the kindness of the people here.  Blown away.  While we were shopping, we ran into our angel!?  What?  We can not believe that, in a town of over 1 million people, we came across this one person.  Ryan said, is he stalking us?  I sure do not think so, he has been very good to us!  But it was a little weird.
Ryan, Easton, Anaya, Luisa and I in the car with Juan.

Mary Ellen with the boys in a taxi, yes, Easton rode with them for one of the 3 taxi rides.

shopping at the market with our "very large family" as Juan called us.

Juan then took us to the area of town where he and Patricia are from and it also is where I will be staying when Ryan leaves.

Walking around the park of my soon to be new neighborhood.

We tried our first Juan Valdez coffee today!  Muy buena!

La ciudad bonita!  Beautiful city.

traffic in Bucaramanga
 The kids and their finds...
Yes, PASTOR RYAN let his kids get whiskey flasks with the money Grama T. gave them!  What in the world?

Justin Beiber (3 people thought Dylan looked like him!) and his ukulele!

Dylan and Easton with their knives (they aren't real!)
We arrived home at around 7:30 pm and heated up the banana soup!  It was very good!  It is like beef stew, I don't know where the bananas went, but it certainly was not what I was thinking.  Patricia told us all of the ingredients so we are going to try to make it sometime soon!  So far, the Colombian food we have tried has been very good.  Not too fond of Arepa's yet, maybe we have not had great ones, but the sopa's (soup's) have been great!
Banana soup!  It has beef, potatoes,onion and green bananas (platanos?)
Tomorrow morning we are going to the church God lead us to through one of the Doctors at the clinic we were at yesterday.  Should be another incredible day!


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous you guys are surrounded (don not know if i spelled that right)by trees,grass and flowers.Sophia

Amber said...

I recently started following your blog and I am curious as to how you found your Luisa. Did you use an agency? Did you choose her as a waiting child or were you matched with her? How does the cost of this adoption compare to other international adoptions. Also, how long will your trip to Columbia be in total?

Sorry for so many questions!

Stacy said...

Hello Amber! I would love to answer your questions, can you send me your email address and we can "chat":)