Friday, February 18, 2011

Smiles, laughter and kisses...

Luisa has been great about smiling and being happy when it is just her and me, but as soon as someone else walks in the room this is the look she gives:

However, her beautiful smile came out more and more last night.
The boys were playing with her and we were saying "besos" she was laughing and leaned over and kissed them!  Ahhh, it was way beyond cute!  It is so good to see her smile!

She was cracking up laughing and squealing with delight!
Besos (kisses) for mama
She is too cute!

Besos for hermano Dylan
She loves to play with la luz (the light)
She knows she is being a stinker!

Yep, she is a perfect fit for our family!
We found out we have our meeting with the social workers on Monday at 10:30!  Please pray that she is this happy when they see her with us.  It would be great for them to see, however I am sure it will go fine either way!  After that meeting our lawyer can submit the paperwork to the judge so we can get this show on the road!


Gary and Charity said...

I look frequently for your updates. What a beautiful little girl...can't wait to meet her. Praying that all the paperwork goes quick so you can get her home (however looking at the pictures of the pool and nice weather does make me a bit jealous) Enjoy your time together as a family!

Lee said...

Praying for your trip to the doctor....right now.