Saturday, February 26, 2011


We are all very sad to be separated from each other! This is the part we all have been dreading, pretty much from the beginning. But we know that we are here for a very good reason, and trust God to help us through! Will post more later, just wanted to give a quick update. Ryan, Dylan, Easton, Anaya and Mary Ellen are all stuck in Bogota. Their flight out of Bucaramanga was canceled this morning, so they missed their flight out of Bogota. Last I heard, they were flying out tomorrow morning! We are really bummed we couldn't have spent this day together!
Lots of tears were shed this morning when 1/2 of the family left!  It is just not right!

Luis was wondering what was going on!

Here are a few happier shots we got last night before they left!

Please pray this process goes fast so we can be together again! 


Anonymous said...

Have been praying for you guys all day

Nicole and Jason said...

We have been following along with your family every day, and what a wonderful adventure for you all. Luisa is a beautiful little girl! Our prayers go out to you all for safe travels and a speedy process here in Colombia!! We hope that your days will pass quickly and safely until you can be reunited as a family.

The Lenz Family

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacy,
I chatted with your mom on FB last night. I wanted to catch up on what was happening with you guys. I'd checked your blog a long time ago, but didn't have the address on file, so got it from your mom. Just finished reading about all that you've been doing the last couple weeks. What an awesome step you are taking (once again). Luisa is one lucky gal to be raised in such a loving Christian home. How wonderful!!
You have such a beautiful family. I feel privileged to have been your teacher many years ago. I enjoyed all three of you so much. Speaking of family---I had Taylor in Soc. St. Fri. When I saw her name on the class list, and then saw her, I just know she had to be Stephanies.
Must close for now, but wanted you to know that we are praying that everything will go smoothly and quickly, so you can get back to MI.

Karen Cutshall