Thursday, February 17, 2011

 We went out for ice cream last night, Luisa didn't even want to try it?!
 But the rest of us enjoyed it.
 This is where we have been getting groceries.  You can see Ryan paying just above the bright flash that is Dylan's head!
 Lucy saw this helicopter and said "ah me!"  Which is pretty much what she says when she wants anything including me!  Mommy~ah me...who cares, I love that she wants me!  She has been really clingy, and she does not want me to put her down.ever.
 buying an enormous avacado
  The mall area

Ryan and the boys playing a little paper, rock, scissors while waiting for our food.
 The new shoes we bought for Luisa.  She only had the ones on the left, which she came to us in.  Her feet are so big that none of the shoes I brought fit her, including Anaya's!  Her feet are 2 sizes bigger than Anaya's I think!!  We will be passing shoes up to her big sister!

 Fruit is cheap so we are eating lots!  Everything else not so cheap!
The pool at the club, which is about a block or so away.
Below are some pictures of our neighborhood for now...We are looking around at other housing for when the family leaves(if they all leave?!)  This apartment needs to be paid in cash, and we were not planning on that!  Also, this one is reserved by someone else on March 1.

Last night Luisa would not let me put her down to sleep, I tried but she started crying so hard that I had to go back in and pick her up, I thought she was going to throw up!  She was so upset, so I held her until she fell asleep and tried it again, but then she did the same thing!  So I held her until she was out cold and she slept for a few hours.  But then she woke up around 2ish?  So I took her in bed with us.  Tonight I am trying something else.  I moved her mattress out of the playpen and next to my bed so I don't have to lean over to put her back in bed (that's when she wakes up!)  This way I can lay next to her until she falls asleep, which is just a few minutes!  She is out for now, we will see how this works!  She has been through so much and what a terrifying experience this must be!
Tomorrow we have a doctor appointment for Luisa at 2:30 please pray that we can get the information we requested.
Here is the best part of our day today...
We got LOTS of these tonight!  I will post tons more later, that is all for now!


Buitenhuis said...

Stacy & Ryan and beautiful family

Your blog posts are such an encouragement to my heart. I LOVE the picture of Luisa's smile - Wow! She is so adorable. Ericka said that you guys get the cutest girls and we all agreed! The love and joy your family demonstrates doesn't take long for anyone to be drawn into. Praying for you and Luisa's trust of this new forever journey. ~Jennifer B.

Aunt Steph said...

ohh I just want to eat her up! I love her smile!! Give everyone kisses for us. love you guys!