Saturday, February 12, 2011

A great travel day...

We drove down to Chicago last night and spent the night at {my sister} Jen, Eric and Olivia's house.  Eric dropped us at the airport this morning!  So wonderful to have family in Chicago!  Thanks guys.

Arriving at the airport in Chicago.
 Meeting Mary Ellen!  She has been a huge blessing already!
After we landed in Atlanta, we began searching for a table so we could sit down to eat, and of course there were only 2 seats here and 2 seats there, so we made a big circle around and found a group that was just leaving, and we got a big table!  We shook our heads and said "Thanks God!"
The kids did great going through security and were wonderful on the flights!  Here is the progression of Anaya on the flight to Bogota.
From super happy, and excited to...
Totally out of it in a very short period of time!
  She slept for at least 2.5 of the {over} 4 hour flight.  This is a major blessing, anyone who knows Anaya knows that she rarely sits still.  Once again we said "Thanks God!"
2 funny Anaya storys:
* A man with a Mc Donalds logo on his sweatshirt walked by us and she shouted "Mc Donalds YAY!"  The guy laughed and said "Yeah YAY! Mc Donalds with about as much as enthusiasum as she had, too funy!  That girl loves Mc Donalds!
* When the plane went up and down from turbulence, she yelled "Ya Hoo!!"  

I so wish I would have taken a picture of our next adventure, but I didn't, it was a bit surreal.  I was quite nervous about getting through customs and securing our luggage etc...with my lame Spanish, and large brood of kids, I spent quite a bit of time talking to God about that part of the trip on the plane.  Well, God showed up BIG TIME for us today!!  When we got off the plane in Bogota Spencer was not feeling good, at all.  The kid was pale as a ghost and we, however, were all flushed from being so hot.  Some lady who worked at the airport saw him and got a medic to come with a wheelchair and check him out.  They were not speaking any English, my mind was mush, but Mary Ellen stepped in and began speaking to them and well, the rest was just amazing.  This medic personally escorted us through to the front of every line and helped us get through customs, get our bags, and got us out the door to the shuttle in no time!  He even told me what to say when we got on it!  He was our angel for the day!  Spencer is fine, just the change in altitude got to him.  By the time we arrived at the hotel, like 5 minutes later, he was fine!  WOW! 
"Thanks again God for your provision today!"


nicole post-sprik said...

oh! i am so excited for you and your journey! all the kids are going to be together...amazing! the first time i was away from mine overnight was our trip to china...two weeks without the girls. willl be thinking of you. had to drool over the 4 hour flight, ours was 14, at least the BIG one of the 8 we had. be safe. enjoy. make memories and blog when possible!!!

Anonymous said...

So excited to see your post this morning! Your family was in my thoughts and prayers a lot yesterday and I couldn't wait to hear how God would amazingly provide for you. He is faithful!

Continued prayers and best wishes.

Karen Minnema

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness! I am so happy for you guys!!! Praying for a wonderful day tomorrow. :)

Trish said...

what an amazing story already and you don't even have Lucy yet :) as i'm reading this i believe you will have her tomorrow! how exciting :)

Lee said...

I was just rolling about Anaya's downward process...thanking God for safe travel and for a quick trip through customs (albeit a little creative). Praying for the next few days too.

Anonymous said...

so glad you made it! CAN NOT wait to read the next post:)

nicole said...

tomorrow. tomorrow. one less orphan. tomorrow. so excited for your second gotcha day. tomorrow!!!