Monday, February 21, 2011


Oh yes we did!  We have been watching them from our balcony and decided we needed to try it!  We found a crazy taxi driver who would take us all in his little car to the top of the mountain.

Anaya is like..."is this safe?"

This is the size car we rode in!
While we were driving there we realized we didn't have the address of the place we saw on the internet so we were kinda driving around blindly, and then like only God could do, our cell phone rang (the one we got from Juan) and it was...Juan!  He was trying to find us so he could take us paragliding!  Yes, this 23 year old guy and his friend told us where to go and met us there, and spent the entire afternoon with us!  He didn't even want to go, he just hung out with us and took pictures!  We have been praying for Juan and his aunt.  Mary Ellen wanted the opportunity to share the gospel with him and today, she did just that!  Goodness is this trip ever amazing!  Please pray for Juan and Patricia.  Here are a few photos of our adventures today. 

Juan taking a picture of Jayden

We were soaring with the birds!

That is me, it was amazing, I am so glad I did not chicken out!

The scenery was breathtaking!

Lucy had tons of fun on the little playground.

She was laughing and having a great time with the family!

Today was once again, amazing!  Thank you Lord for this wonderful blessing, and for your amazing creation!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh i don't know if I would be brave enough to paraglide ,but it does look like fun so glad to see Luisa happy, Sophia

Sid said...

Doesn't Mary Ellen need a permission slip from her parents to paraglide? Don't you? Are there any adults there? Who is in charge?

(Just kidding, of course. Have fun.)