Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our first full day together...

Last night we put Luisa down and prayed for her as a family.  And thanked God for her life.

  When we left and shut the door she started saying "momma!" I was ready to go back in there and scoop her up, I not sure she meant me, but that is my name so I was on my way, but...Ryan said, just wait a few minutes, see what she does.  So I stood by that clock on the wall and waited and within 3 minutes she was sound asleep!  And she slept until 6 am, then we put her in bed with us and she slept until 7:30!  We ate breakfast and then....
I tackled the hair!  It was late and I didn't want to over do it yesterday so we waited to give her a bath until today (she was very clean and well taken care of) so it wasn't a huge deal, but I was excited to do her hair.
She would not sit down for her bath, not sure if she is used to showers only?  She did great getting her hair washed and she had fun throwing water over Anaya's head!
As I was doing her hair...I noticed a few lice nits!  UGH!  Now I regret not bathing her last night!  She slept in my bed!!!  Oh, well.

  I picked through her hair and removed all that I could find.  We loved on her all day long and bought some lice shampoo tonight and will do that tomorrow.  My scalp is itching just thinking about it, but...look at that face!
 Her schedule said she has a bottle, then she takes a nap at 10 am for an hour.  I did not bring a bottle!  So I tried the 3 sippy cups that I brought and she kept wanting to tip it back like a bottle and they didn't work that way so...she ended up just going to sleep.  I was contemplating getting a bottle or a sippy cup that is closer to that, but forgot when we were out tonight!  It didn't really phase her though, she slept until about 12:30!
The boys, Ryan and Mary Ellen went to the pool, and I stayed home with sleepy baby!

Then after lunch, which consisted of under cooked spaghetti (oops, Ryan!) and tomato paste(oops Stacy!) { In my defense, there was a picture of spaghetti on the front of the bag?  How was I to know!}  We did have some delicious pineapple and some pudding I brought from home!

  After dishes, done by Easton and Daddy today, we we all rested for a bit and Luisa took yet another hour and a half nap!  I guess we tucker her right out!

Tonight we went out to dinner for hamburgers and Luisa ate like a champ!  She is real laid back and loves it when the kids play "I'm going to get you!"  Or peek-a-boo.  But she is not into them holding her or crowding her just yet!

After dinner Ryan took the boys swimming and Mary Ellen and I went and got groceries with the 2 girls.  I had so much stuff hanging on the back of the stroller that when I took my hand off the stroller, she flipped backwards!  NICE!  Thankfully she just sat there and we quickly sat the stroller back up and she was totally fine!  Slightly embarrassing as we were standing at the counter waiting for lice shampoo! 
She saw this bag of hard bread like stuff and tried to grab it and was talking about it, so I bought it and...
She ate it!  I think she may have had that before.
Anaya still loves her sister!  Luisa is doing very well thus far and we are so excited to see more of her personality come through in the days and weeks ahead.
Love you baby girl!
*We had our first bleed today, Easton came in and told me she was bleeding, so I went to the other room and sure enough, there stood all the boys around her and she had her sippy cup in her hand and there was a tiny bit of blood on her face, we think she may have hit her gums with the cup?  Either way all the prepping of the boys paid off.  They knew what to do and no one freaked out!  I took her to the sink and cleaned her up and that was that!  No hazmat suits needed!


Sid said...

You guys look great. Are the pictures of the boys and Anaya on the right hand side new?

Karen Isley said...

We are so happy for you guys!!! I finally got a chance to set down and read you blog. TOO MUCH FUN!!!!! Lots of prayers for the VanderZwaag FAMILY from the Isley family!!!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you!!! I finally got a chance to set down and catch your blog! You are blessed people!! Lots of prayers to the VanderZwaag FAMILY from the Isley family!!!

Elizabeth & Joe Chambers said...

Luisa is such a beautiful girl! She has the same worried and confused expression in her pictures that Mari had when we got her. The one of her on the bed is so close to the one we took of Mari on our first full day with her. After three long days, she was finally smiling and laughing!
Please tell Patricia and Yolanda hello from Joe, Elizabeth, and Marisol Chambers.
If you get a chance, try eating at (I think this is the name of it) Chiflas at the mall (the food court above the main grocery store--across the skywalk from the theatre). It's a really good steak place. The arepa is really good there, too. We ended up getting rotissere chickens from the grocery store a lot or getting food from the cafeteria connected to the main grocery store. Some of the little shops sell thick arepa with soft white cheese inside. Mari loved it! The ice cream stands are all AMAZING. You've got to splurge on some! Arequipa is something you've got to try too.
Hope you guys are enjoying the bonding (and swimming at the club!). We are praying for you and have really enjoyed reading your blog. You have a beautiful family and it is so special that your other kids could spend time in Colombia too. It's bringing back a lot of memories for us!

Anonymous said...

love the girl's matching outfits. thinking one post per day is not quite enough:)

Chad -n- Christi Huizenga said...

Luisa is just beautiful. Can't wait to meet her in person. We are praying for the whole family. Can't wait till you get back home, but until then we will check your blog every day :)
Chad & Christi (and all the kids)