Sunday, February 20, 2011


We walked out of our building this morning and at 9:15 the 2 taxi's drove up to take us to church. 

When we got there at around 9:25 there were only a small handful of people there and we asked if church started at 9:30?  Yes, indeed it did, gotta love Latin America time!  We were introduced to a boy who was 12 years old and he spoke great English.  He was our translator and personal attendant for the day.  We were introduced to a beautiful woman pastor who was probably in her early 30's.  Soon Shirley the woman who invited us came in and there were kisses and hugs all around.  They asked Ryan if he would share a few words, and he agreed.  I don't know what time they actually started the service, but they had us sit up front and the place was packed by the time the worship was over. 

There were 5 young people up front leading the worship, and the first song that they sang was Mighty to Save!  Amazing since that is the song we ended with when we had the special service about Luisa at our church back home and the first song we sang in Colombia!  We sang it in English and they sang in Spanish, then they sang Sing Sing Sing by Chris Tomlin!  The next couple songs we didn't recognize, but Mary Ellen said they sang it at Lily in Mexico!  It was a beautiful worship service to see everyone praising God together was great!

They had us come up front and they prayed for us and they all said they are our family, it was really sweet.  Ryan got up and prayed and then said a few words of greeting, but the pastor motioned for him to keep going, so he did!  He spoke for a while and the 12 year old translated, not perfectly, but good.  Ryan said he could get used to preaching here, they were all about Amens and Gracias a Dios!

  Then the pastor got up and spoke on faith, which is what Ryan had talked about, it was amazing to see how God intertwined his words "johnny on the spot" and her prepared sermon!  She said it was no accident that we were there, that God had a purpose in it!  They were super friendly, afterword the entire church family came and gave us hugs and kisses and wanted their pictures taken with us!

They invited us back on Tuesdays,  Thursdays and this Saturday(they have something special going on) and every Sunday for the time I am here!  Yay!  I now have a church to regularly attend!  It was amazing the way they enfolded us into their church family, it is great to meet these brothers and sisters in Christ.

After Church we came back ate lunch and took a nap!  Thanks Ryan for the picture~Ryan said, "it was high time I rested!"  So as you can see I did!  With Luisa always nearby, and Anaya across the room.  Ryan, me, Anaya and Luisa all share this room....
and all 4 boys share the 2nd bedroom.

  Mary Ellen has a mattress on the floor in the living room!  We were all exhausted.  It has been an amazing week and we can't believe it has gone so fast!
Ryan, Mary Ellen and the kids walked to this little pizza shop about a block away from our apartment and got us a pizza and some pop.

They make it right outside on the street!

After dinner, we walked down to the pool tonight but when we got there it was closed!

Ryan and I laughing about Easton, he wanted his swim ring back and Luisa had it, so I told him to ask for it back and he said, "can you?  I don't know any Spanish."  Then he looked at her and said "Feliz Navidad, can I have it back please?"  Oh that kid cracks me up! 

   Tomorrow we have our meeting with ICBF at 10:30.  Please pray that it goes well!


John and Kristi said...

Wow...your journey makes me want to return! What a great land and people Colombia is! God is so good and kind to give you these experiences!! Don't be nervous at all for your ICBF interview. It is super easy, with only a few questions and you will be on your way...but, if they have you look at your documents, make sure you check it over good for mistakes. If a name or date is off, it could hold up your case. Praying for many more wonderful days of bonding and great times in the land of your daughter's birth!!

Lee said...

What an adventure, what a God! We stand behind you in prayer. The Lord was faithful to bring you to mind around 10am......! HE's so good. And Easton, Feliz Navidad, to you sweet boy!

Anonymous said...

Loved the post! Keep them coming:)

Anonymous said...

Loved the post! Keep them coming:)