Saturday, February 26, 2011

This is for the birds...

 No, literally, we have had our windows open the entire 2 weeks we were here and never had a bird inside, then all of a sudden today, these guys show up!  It was kinda cool, but I wanted to make sure they flew back out and not further into the house!  That would have been creepy.

 Since we are on the subject of birds, here are the quail eggs that they say Luisa likes to eat! 

 they are cute little bite size things, we saw someone eating them from a street vendor too, so they must be popular.

 Yes, she likes them!
But what is for the birds is being separated from the rest of our family!
They are giving their sad faces.  We really did cry too much today, we are hoping tomorrow is better and that by Monday we will be able to actually talk to and see Ryan via skype and things should get better by then.  We know that each day is a gift and we are going to try to enjoy our time here.  We think we are going to try to go to the club tomorrow as they take a bus to the 'country' and there is a lake and water sports, fishing, kayaking for us to do.  We are not going to be here at this apartment much longer so we decided to try to take advantage of the club while we can, plus we will be gone all day and hopefully that will get our mind off the fact that we miss the rest of the family so much!  Of course it did not help that I have such a sweet husband and eldest son.  We found notes all around the house for us today!  Here are a few...

 We watched a movie in Spanish!  Wishing I took more movies along!
The night ended with the lady who owns the apartment stopping by to give us the receipt for paying rent and a (still warm) spice cake.  I cried again.  They are just too darn sweet here!  She just wanted to check on us and said I could call her at anytime for anything! 

"Thank you Lord for loving us and giving me encouragement when I needed it the most!  Please help us to enjoy our time in Colombia and bring us back together again...SOON!"

*UPDATE* Ryan, the kids and Mary Ellen are staying in the same hotel that we stayed at in Bogota.  They are being treated well, they got 2 rooms and all meals (Ryan got a steak!) paid for by the airline.  They should leave Bogota tomorrow morning at 10:30 and should arrive in Chicago at 5:25pm.  Thanks for praying.


Trish said...

i will just miss them. i fly into chicago at about 8pm...

just got caught up on your blog! sending you hugs it is hard to be separated from your family! you are such an inspiration to all of us moms :)

Patty said...

Birds in the apartment? Yes, that would be creepy.

Glad to see all the notes and the encouragement you received :-).

Still praying for you all and a quick reuniting of your family!

Jeneric said...

SO wish I could be there with you. The notes made ME cry as I read them. What a great idea. My favorite was "GOD IS WITH YOU!" :) So true. Praying HARD that God will miraculously send that paperwork through in record time!!! Love anytime you want!!!