Tuesday, March 15, 2011

All documents and medications are in hand!!!

It was quite the day, we spent the day at the club and then we ordered a pizza to be delivered to our apartment.  The medications arrived around 6pm {I would insert a huge God story here, but I can't explain it all at this time, it is getting too late, I promise to tell it later!} minus one of the documents we needed.  So after a few phone calls they came back with the document!  Then Patricia came and told me that there was a mistake on the paperwork so the driver was running much later than expected.  At 8:30pm they finally showed up with the Birth Certificates and all of the documents I need to bring to Bogota to finish up the process.  We are flying out tomorrow morning at 9:15 to head to Bogota!!  Once there, we will get Luisa's passport and have her Dr. appointment at the US embassy.  Then on Thursday we will do the visa appointment and pick up the visa on Friday and hopefully head out on Saturday morning!!  Please pray everything goes as planned!  Hopefully I can post again tomorrow night, we shall see, it sounds like a busy day!
Thanks for praying.


Anonymous said...

I am praying like crazy for you

dad & mom V said...

YIPPEE !! We (Anaya,Dylan, Grampa, Ryan, Me) could'nt wait to check skype & e-mail to see if you had heard yet ! We will be at the G.R.airport Sat. P.M. !! ( The word verification at the bottom is: "BLESS " God bless your trip home !!! love you see you SOON !!