Monday, March 14, 2011

Camera problem solved...

I bought a new one!
  I brought the old one in to see if they could fix it and they said that they could but they would have to send it out!  That wasn't an option, so I bought a new one, nothing fancy, just a run of the line digital camera, even though I would LOVE a really nice one that takes the awesome pictures like Mary Ellen took...Alas, that is definitely not in the budget at this time!  Last night when we were discussing our options, we decided it was a very special occasion and all too important that we document it well.  So, without further ado, here are a few pictures from the day!!!
The lady at the photo shop where we went to get Luisa's passport and visa pictures taken and where we bought the camera...took our picture with the new camera!
Here she is! We were supposed to have a black shirt on her, oops!  So, they threw this jacket on her and made me take out her bow and earrings and we had to tuck her hair behind her ears!  And she's still absolutely beautiful!
This cracks me up!  Jayden someone accidentally knocked the mirror off the wall and the frame broke, so Patricia took it to the shoe repair man and he glued it back together and painted it!  Who would've thunk.  When she said we were taking it to the shoe man, I figured somewhere along the line something was lost in translation, but oh no, that is definitely what she meant, and he did it!
There is nothing wrong with Patricia's face, the mirror is reflecting on it!
Here we are using up the last bit of snacks in the cupboard, and playing around with this awesome feature on the camera which you can push a smiley face button and it will only take the picture when it recognizes a smile!
It even recognized that goofy grin!
It is PERFECT for Lucy, I bet we waited for a full 2 minutes for her to smile and viola!  It snapped the picture!  Awesome.
We went to the pool today, and it was closed for cleaning!  Bummer.  So they played at the park at the club for a bit.  I was still trying to figure out my camera...
There is another cool feature that allows me to take panoramic pictures both upright and sideways.  I practiced with the awesome huge trees at the club.  Not sure what the story is with Jaydens head...?
We see these dog walkers from time to time.  Jayden thinks that looks like a fun job!
This is at the clinic and it is hard to see, but there are a few people in this picture that have been such a huge blessing to us!  It was the doctors birthday so we had cake and they wanted a picture with us.  They are all so excited Luisa is going home, and kept telling us that God will bless us, I said..."He already has, Luisa IS the blessing!"
The boys with their toys from the food court in the mall.  Order chicken nuggets and get a cool toy.  Luisa shared my meal and didn't get a toy.  But the lady had mercy on her as and gave her one as well!
We are VERY close to running out of one of the medications.  They are going to deliver them tomorrow.  Pray they show up without any issues.  Also tomorrow, will you please be in prayer for the birth certificate.  I shudder every time I think about getting a B/C from our experience with Anaya's adoption!  {For those of you who don't know, it took nearly 6 months for us to finally get Anaya's birth certificate!}   And while I don't anticipate any problems, everything hinges on whether or not our driver is able to get it and get back 'on time' for us to leave here on Wednesday morning and fly to Bogota to complete the final steps in the visa process.  We are hoping to get everything done in order to fly home yet this weekend!!!!  It's going to be a whirlwind here the next few days, but we are really excited to get home!!  Thanks for praying.


Anonymous said...

Glad you got your camera "fixed" (new one) hope the rest of the steps go easily

lucyseay said...

Love, love, love reading your blog and seeing your pictures! Can't wait to meet that other Lucy!
Lucy Seay

lucyseay said...

Oh, also forgot to say how much I love your new family picture at the top of your blog as well as Lucy's passport picture. She's gorgeous!
Lucy :)

MBush said...

Yeah for a new camera!!! It would be far to sad to miss this experience. Praying that Lucy's birth certificate comes TODAY!!!! Bring that Baby home!

Merm & Lauren got a new blog... said...

Totally worth it. I'm SO glad you wnet for the new camera. If budget gets too tight just do another month of rice and beans. :) Ha!
Love you guys! Praying you home, sweet friends!

Lee said...

Been thinking about you all day. Praying you have meds and birth certificate in hand. Our God is faithful either way, but we're ready to hug that gorgeous punkin' already!!! Father, bring them home.....