Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So, we went with our translator to the grocery store today!  I think it was quite the experience for her.  I had about 1/2 of a cart full, and when it came time to check out she looked horrified as she thought about how we were going to get it all home!  I told her we could load up the stroller and carry Luisa and the boys could carry the rest.  Well, she thought it would be too much and went to ask if we could push the cart home!  We are at least 2 blocks away from the store, and I was thinking...I don't want to push that cart all the way home, and I certainly don't want to push it back empty...so as she walked away, I quickly loaded up the stroller and by the time she came back I said "see, no problem!"  Well, at that point she was carrying Luisa, and I was pushing the {way} over loaded stroller.  She is around the upper 50's if not more, and so I told her I would carry Luisa and that Jayden would push the stroller.  That worked fine until Jayden got tired {it was heavy!} so she started pushing the overloaded stroller!  Aye!  The sidewalks are crazy, not at all stroller friendly, they go up and down and there are steps and cracks and well, it is just crazy, and here she is pushing it!  I was chuckling to myself as we walked because she has never been married, or had any children and probably never gotten that many groceries at one time, let alone walk it in a stroller all the way home!  She was a trooper, though I would love to have known what she was thinking!  I wish I would have grabbed my camera and taken a picture of us.
Once we got home we had the problem of finding a place to put everything! 
I looked for a coffee maker today at this apartment and didn't find one so I told Ryan that I guess I have to go out for my morning cup to Juan Valdez!!  Ha!  But when I mentioned that to Patricia she asked her friend (who owns the apartment) and the two of them showed me how to make coffee with a pot of boiling water and a sieve!  So we enjoyed a cup of coffee together and it was good, but I still like my Juan Valdez idea...!
It was a good day and Patricia is coming over tomorrow at some point to show me more of the area.  It is a blessing that she lives so close, only 3 "squares" as she says (3 blocks.)

Here I am trying a bite of granadilla, Luisa's favorite fruit!  I wasn't going to try them, but Patricia said "oh you have to, they are so good!"  Well, the flavor is fine, but I can't get past the texture and the fact that you just swallow the seeds!  Too weird.  But I need to see if I can find them in the states, as Lucy eats at least one a day!
Well, it is very loud here, traffic noises, music, horns honking, dogs barking, and people talking, that coupled with the coffee... it doesn't look good for me sleeping much tonight!  But that is okay,  I feel safe and all is well! 


aunt Steph said...

I can't believe you tried that stuff!! I gag just looking at it! Glad your all settled in the new place. Give hugs to the kids for us. We love you all!

Julie and Alexander said...

Way to be brave and try new things!

Stacy, I love that look on you face...it reminds me of when Alex's family had me try goat stew and some of the meat still had hair!

Just wait, you'll get used to all that background noise...and it will feel way too quiet when you come back.

And now Alexander would like to leave you a message (he keeps reaching for the keyboard).

fgthfthhhhhhhhh hhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmm mm nb

I think it means: I love you miss Stacy, save some fruit for me please.

Jen said...

love the grocery store story! I have wondered so many times what shopping would be like in the city & in apartment living...after getting a grocery cart full and taking MANY trips to unload from the car to the cupboards, seriously, how to city people do it? probably by getting a bagful every day....

Miss you guys! great to see Anaya and Easton at AWANA last night!
Jen B