Tuesday, March 29, 2011

what we've been up to lately...

Just when you think you are done with the adoption paperwork, there is a huge pile at home waiting for you!!!  Fun stuff.  NOT!
Paperwork and the photo book of our trip that I am working on are keeping me busy lately besides normal family life.  But, on Saturday, the girls and I went shopping.

I showed the girls the finer points of shopping, like stopping for a FOOD break!  Auntie Anne's pretzels were a big hit!
Anaya was actually dancing around she was having so much fun!

We went shopping because I needed a new pillow, since someone...{Lucy}stole mine!  She was waking up at least one time each night, but then I gave her one of my pillows (she had one, but it wasn't a nice down filled one,) and wouldn't you know it, she has been sleeping much better ever since!  Poor girl, I can't sleep without the right pillow either, so I completely understand.  However, since I gave her one of mine, I needed a new one!  I found just the right one at Bed Bath and Beyond and we have both been sleeping great ever since!

Ryan loves being pampered by the girls!
On Friday Lucy got to meet Aunt Sarah, and cousin Taylor.  She also got to meet Uncle Robb and Aunt Lisa, however, Lisa was at the hospital so I spared her the picture taking{although she looked great!}
Lisa is home now, but would love your prayers as she is going another round of chemo soon!
Sunday we took Luisa to church for the first time and met many of the people who prayed and helped to bring her home!  It is good to be home, {except for the snow!  Yuck!}

Ryan and the boys put the trampoline up.  The kids have been loving it!

Luisa loves playing "ring around the rosies", especially the "all fall down" part.

We have been going through houses, trying to figure out exactly where God wants us...lots of praying for wisdom, and direction.  
We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new niece or nephew, my sister Jen is due any day now!
That is just a bit of what we have been doing over the last few days.  Everyone is doing well and we are just enjoying being together. 


Jill said...

Love the updates! Beautiful family :)

PM said...

You might want to try the Colombian version of Ring Around the Rosies.


Anonymous said...

Did you get nice back rub pastor ryan?

Amy VS said...

Just saw your picture and story on msnbc - it made me take a double take! Congrats on beautiful daughter #2.
Amy & Justin VanSlocum