Monday, March 7, 2011

a walk in the park...

Today we went for a walk through the park to get to the mall and Exito.  When doing so, we have to pass by this enormous statue of "Big Bertha" as the kids call her.  It is actually a very famous sculpture by Fernando Botero.  He is famous for making his sculptures larger than life, and that is what she is!  I covered her up as she is definitely not covered in real life!These pictures were taken by Mary Ellen when we visited the park while the family was here.

We made it to the mall and found an ATM and had coffee, and hot chocolate at Juan Valdez.  We then went to Exito and got groceries,{much cheaper than the other store, Carrefour, but further away.}  A big thanks to Mike for suggesting the boys take their back packs and fill them with groceries!  That worked great!  On the way home we stopped for empanadas!  We shared 4 empanadas and 2 pops for around $5!  We are definitely going back there!(forgot to bring my camera along!)
This is our little 2 year old, emptying out the wipes container, once again!  She is also playing peek-a-boo with me, which is her absolute favorite!  She plays it with everyone she meets, and I am not sure it is very popular here, as people don't seem to know what she is doing when they see her, and give me a kinda weird look!
Remember how I said taxis were everywhere?  This is a typical snapshot view out our window at any given moment.  Seriously, I don't know how any of them make any money, there are more taxis than people I think!
Thanks Mary Ellen for the fun craft you left us!  The kids are enjoying them.
Today I made banana soup!  Patricia gave me the recipie and I had some left over "hamburger" {steak chunks} so we went to the store and bought a green plantain and some potatoes.
Everyone ate it and said it was good!  So, I have one Colombian food that I can make for Luisa when we return home!
Today a family who is adopting 3 boys in Medellin signed their sentencia.  Congrats to the Lenz family!  I have been keeping tabs on 2 families that are in Colombia and arrived the same week we did.  Medellin is known to be a quicker process, and it was very exciting to see their good news.  Here is hoping for good news for us soon too!  But, whatever happens, happens.  We are resting in "THE ONE"{God almighty} that sent us here to get us outta here!!!


Anonymous said...

WOW praise to god about your adoption and the other families in Columbia. Sophie

Merm & Lauren got a new blog... said...

A few things-
1. You GOTTA share that recipe with me!
2. I love that you all love the craft. :)
3. I'm praying you come home quickly!