Wednesday, March 9, 2011

sweet girl...

Wearing her brothers Bucaramanga soccer shirt.
Playing with mommy's shoes, love that big grin!
Playing in the closet with my heels on.
P.U.  Stinky girl!  Seriously, we forgot how bad diapers are!
Blowing bubbles in the park.
Another rather boring day.  We walked to Exito (to get more diapers) through the park and stopped to blow some bubbles.  We noticed some people with black crosses on their foreheads.  When we got to Exito we ran into Patricia and she too had a cross on her head.  Finally Spencer couldn't take it any longer and told me to ask what it was.  So I did.  And Patricia told us about the Catholic tradition of having a special ceremony on Ash Wednesday and the priest puts ashes on their heads and says "Remember, man, that thou art dust, and unto dust thou shalt return."  So we had a little lesson on Lent today.  It is very educational just to be here, I tell you!

After that we came home and did our normal routine.  Nothing too exciting.  

There was some excitement at home today though, as our dear sweet Golden Retriever Max, had to have surgery! Poor baby has 8 stitches and a cone on his head!  He had a growth on his back and he was digging at it and well, it had to be removed.  He should be fine, so that is a relief!  I have never liked a dog as much as I like Max, he is such a great pet!  Jayden is wishing he was home to take care of him.  He is such an animal lover. 

We are praying we can get home soon, we are all missing each other! 


Lee said...

We are praying you home, sweet friend. Many times a day praying safety around you and peoples hearts to be moved to bring you home soon. Love you.