Thursday, March 24, 2011

the girls...

Being goofy...
and reading the paper!

 Lucy can't leave her hands off baby Ryan either! 
 the girls beating up on the boys!

I really had myself psyched up for a rough road, adopting a toddler.  But, we have been having so much fun!  Luisa just putters around the house and plays so well with the kids.  They, of course just adore her, {thus far,} and are having a great time watching her explore.

Thankfully she doesn't dare to go down our twirly stairs, she stands at the top and yells "Mommy!"  That is the word for help me get down, anyone can bring her, but she always yells mommy!  She can waltz right up the steps though, so that is a tad nerve wracking!

She is saying: Momma and Mommy {of course!}Bye, Agua~(she uses this for any liquid she wants to drink,) no toque(no touch in Spanish) usually with finger wagging, gato(cat,) ball, she says something like zapato's (datos) for shoes, all done while signing{so she actually has 3 languages!} brothers or something similar, she tries to say Anaya and Dylan (it just doesn't come out quite right,) Daddy, and just today she said "Hi Dad," and came running to gave Ryan a hug just like the other kids when he came home from work!  So mostly a mix of Spanish and English, but not too many words really, she mostly just points and grunts, screams, or squeals.  She totally understands Spanish, so if I need her to do something I say it in Spanish then English.

She has a really long torso, and a big ole' belly so most of the stuff that fit Anaya at this age does not fit miss Lucy!  It won't be long and I have the feeling the girls will be in the same size!

She wakes up on average about once each night, however she did wake up about 4 times one night!  She did that in Colombia too, but there, she was in my room so I just rolled over and patted her back.  Now, I have to go down the twirly stairs in the middle of the night...not fun.  But, all I do is tuck her back into bed (usually she is sitting on the floor, or standing by Anaya's bed, sometimes she is still in bed) and kiss her and she calms right down and goes back to sleep.  She is such a sweet little thing!  I can not fathom what she must be thinking.  I would really love to know!


Julie & Alexander said...

Looking at pictures, you'd think Luisa has been a part of your family from the day she was born.

She is truly blessed to be a part of such an amazing family.

God does indeed put the solitary in families. What a huge blessing she is to you guys and what a blessing all of you are to her.

Alexander has a message for Luisa: uhghghjh bbnmbnbnb bnnbngvx m