Thursday, March 10, 2011

a much more interesting day...

Thanks Mike and Lee for helping us pass our time today!

Our dear friends emailed the boys a list of things they need to find on a digital scavenger hunt!  So we headed out this after noon and got most of the things on the list.  We have not yet completed our task, but by tomorrow we will have it all up and ready in a fun little blog post.

Until then, I will leave you with several random thoughts/observations about Colombia.

* When being introduced to someone they will stick out their hand and grab your forearm and not your hand like you would think.  I finally figured that out, it was awkward at first, I kept thinking..."they missed my hand!"  Now I know! 

*They like to kiss.  A lot.  Small kisses on the cheeks when meeting someone, and also there are plenty of lovers kissing.  The parks are filled with people making out!  Seriously, the kids are like, "are they kissing?", yes.  "They look young."  They are.  No kissing like that until you are married, okay?  "Do you kiss Dad like that?"  Ummm, maybe, but not that long!  "Are they still kissing?" I guess so, I can't see their faces!  Oh the joys...

*A guy tried to sell me a Mickey Mouse topper for a car antenna today, I think it was stolen off someone else's car, it looked like it had a few miles on it already!  I told him "no gracias!"

*The women dress up here, and they always look nice, and their shoes are awesome!  But all too many of them wear tight pants and shirts which, well lets just say we have seen too much of them!

*There are men who sit by the side of the road with a club. {I haven't gotten a good picture of them since I feel weird pointing a camera in their direction.} They act as sort of a parking attendant, and they seem to try to hustle people into 'their' spot, and help them maneuver up to the curb, or in many instances over the curb and onto the sidewalk.  Then when the person is ready to leave they stop traffic for them and help them to back out.  They are then paid a small fee, which I am not sure if it is set or a 'donation' of sorts?  Very interesting, not sure what the club is for, have not yet witnessed the use of that!

*Today on our walk we found 2 women who were begging on the street, so we gave them both all the change we had.  Spencer was on cloud nine!  He LOVES to help these people and it just makes him so sad that they are so poor.  I wish we could do more than just offer the little we did, but I think that Spencer's smile and the way he looks them in the eyes, ( I hope) they feel the love he has for them.

*You can't flush the toilet paper here. As I was leaving the old house, I typed the book the owner had left us in to Google translate (as it was all in Spanish) to see what all had to be done upon leaving, I found out that we were in fact supposed to put the toilet paper into the trash, not the toilet!  OOPS!  There are these spray things near the toilet, I should have taken the clue.{See picture below}

I have yet to use it!
*Fruit is so cheap here, I know I said it before, but I will say it again.  We got these fruit cups all cut and ready to go for about $0.50!  We are definitely getting that again.  They offer them with cheese on top.  I said "no gracias!"

On a much more somber note...
 We found out today that my sister in law's cancer is not responding to the current treatment and will have to begin an aggressive form of chemo once again!  Please pray for her and her family, and that this will work and the side effects would be minimal!  Fight on Lisa, We love you!!!                                                  


nicole said...

Re the sprayer on the back of the potty, we have one and use it to clean cloth poopy diapers. I am sure there are ,any other uses. Carry on. Eat some fruit for us?

Danny and Brittney said...

Your comment about the people making out cracked me up. We were just talking about that down here in Guatemala. The Latin Americans LOOOVVVEEEE to kiss kiss kiss or practically do the deed right there on the park bench. So glad you posted on my blog. I will be following your journey home.

MBush said...

What a cultural picture...thank you. I am laughing about the kissing questions...I can so hear them! Praying for you all as you....wait! Also, praying for Lisa. What a tough battle!