Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Here I am making spaghetti, with real spaghetti sauce this time!
One of the most challenging things to do here is cook food!  I hate to cook and come up with ideas of what to feed my family, but I am having a particularly hard time here.  Nothing that I usually have on hand to feed my family is here.  We are missing the food we normally eat!  A good reminder to us of what Luisa will feel like in a few short weeks! 

  For instance, I thought we could have tacos, we made them at the other apartment so when we went to the store I found tortilla shells, the only kind of salsa they have, the only packet of taco seasoning available and queso fresca,(there is only white cheese here, hundreds of the same thing...weird, and kinda blah... )  The lettuce is wilted looking so we have gone without that.  Then, I went over to the meat counter and it was super busy so I told Patricia what I wanted (hamburger, ground beef) and I knew I was in trouble when she gave me a blank look.  Then I tried to explain ground beef to her and she said, "do you cook it?"  Um, yes you fry it in a pan.  She walked over to the butcher and butted right in to the mass of people waiting and then asked if I wanted it from a pig or a cow?  Uh oh!  I said cow then I pointed to some hamburg that I spotted in the display case and she nodded.  She came back and said he was cutting it for me. ? um, ok....Well, she returned with a bag of steak chunks.  Oh great...!  Anyone who knows me knows I really do not like most meats.  I hate to see it, smell it, touch it, and have no clue how to cook it!  So, I guess we will try fajita type tacos and see how it goes!!!  Oh the adventures of living in a foreign country!
Our "ground beef"

Another pineapple!  We have had too many, our tongues are sore, but they are so good!

 I will post more about our day later, just wanted to journal this to "remember" our food experience here!


Lee said...

I'm so proud of you I can hardly handle it. The steak fajitas (ground beef) switch makes me laugh out loud. I can hardly picture you cooking it except that you'd do anything for those kids of yours! Praying you home!