Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Just to give you an idea of how expensive some of the groceries are here:
If you remember, I bought what I thought was spaghetti sauce the first week and it turned out to be tomato paste, so I have been sticking to buying brands I know.  Unfortunately they cost a lot more here.  This was around $5, at home it is more like $2.  But, it is worth it, still a cheap meal!
This small peanut butter cost me around $8.00!  But, I bought it anyways and boy did it taste good!  I tried to go with out and be frugal but alas, I could not resist!  {It's not even JIFF!  What a rip off!}
These boxes of cereal?  Around $5.00 each!
  Oh well, the pineapples are only around $0.50 and I found one for $0.25 so I guess it all evens out in the end, but, wowsers!  I hate spending so much on these things, but sometimes you just get sick of eggs!  Bacon is around $8.00 so we haven't had eggs and bacon, just eggs and white cheese, and you all know how I feel about white cheese!
We had a rather boring day today, just more of the same, school work in the morning, laundry, clean up, lunch, nap for Lucy, then headed out to get a few more groceries.  Played several games of Skip Bo, made dinner, ate dinner, cleaned up, Skyped people and hung out!  But, we can't complain, {wouldn't help anyway!} we are in good spirits and all is well.  Here are a few pic's from the day:
Our pollo!  (chicken)  Goofy boy, I love him!
On almost every street you will see that many motorcycles along with the taxis.
There are TONS of motorcycles here.  Tons!  It's funny because they don't use lanes and the motorcycles all end up at the front of the line when the light is red, it looks like a motor-cross race or something!
We like to watch the people, and traffic, I usually am holding on to her arm so she doesn't somehow catapult herself out that window!
She is not too great about smiling on que, but she does give this quirky grin and she thinks she needs to sit down every time I take out the camera!  She is goofy.  I love her!


Sara Bizon said...

Thanks Stacy for your updates on your adventure. It brings a smile to my face. Wishing you guys a continued great journey.

nicole said...

hey there. in china the boys would watch the traffic and we would play "how many chinese people can they fit on one motorcycle" our highest number was 5. my sisters number was either 7 or 9 in india. what is your boys number? you know, something to do tomorrow.