Thursday, March 3, 2011

The boys doing dishes.  We have come up with a plan, Spencer washes and Jayden dries and puts away.  Spencer broke a glass AND a plate today trying to put them away!  Lesson learned.

 Drying our laundry.  Man, laundry for 4 is way easier than laundry for 8!  The washing machines here play a little tune when the laundry is done! 
 When the woman who owns the apartment was showing me around she asked if I would need hot water.  {?}  Umm, yes please!  So she showed us how to light the water heater.  So glad she asked, I would have had quite the surprise in the morning when I got in the shower!
 I am missing the high chair, Lucy likes to try to get off her seat at dinner time!  Today I made the steak fajitas, and they turned out pretty good if I must say so myself!  I, of course, ate the veggies, but the boys and Luisa enjoyed the steak.  I also made some very good guacamole!  Thanks to Mary Ellen, I now know how!
 Dylan brought home some fried ants for his cousins to enjoy.  So today they skyped us and we got to watch as they ate them!

They both decided they weren't too bad!
 I think this pan is bigger than a regular 9x13, or maybe our oven is just so small it seems that way...
 Spencer dancing to the car alarms we hear outside!  Crazy kid.
 The boys gave the brownies 2 thumbs up!

 I am so glad these guys stayed here.  They have so much fun playing with Luisa, she would have been bored out of her mind without them!  {She isn't the only one!}

I love how they love her!  It is so awesome how she just is family now.  To be completely honest, I was worried about adopting a toddler.  I kinda felt this disconnect since I hadn't ever seen her in person over the past year as we worked on the adoption, which was good for me while I waited, it made it much easier.  But I wasn't sure how the bonding and attachment would go once we got her(both on my part and hers!)  And I can honestly tell you...I ADORE this child, I am absolutely, positively head over heals in love with her!  She is such a blessing and I am so glad she is mine! 
Such a relief!  

Psalm 68:6a
"God sets the lonely in families"
Thank you Lord for setting Luisa in ours!


Julie said...

I love reading your blog, it is a huge blessing to hear how God is working in your lives each day. :-)

By the way I checked and ....hamburger in Spanish is:carne molida. I only know that from a recipe that Alex's mom gave me. Although if it's at a deli, they will then probably ask you where you want the meat from. My mother-in-law always asks for carne molida de bistec (steak made into ground hamburger).That would give you the best quality meat. :-) Worth a try. :-)

Oh, and I checked online...I think there is someplace in Warren, MI that grows Luisa's favorite fruit. Don't know exact location though.

MBush said...

I love how obviously your boys adore your girls. It is so sweet and so special that Spencer and Jayden get this extra love time with Lucy! She is one lucky little girl.