Saturday, March 5, 2011


Last night the boys were watching a movie in our{mine and Lucy's}room, so Lucy decided to take her {my} pillow out in the hall and fall asleep!  I was not feeling well and when I went in to tell them to go to their own bed, I found her!  Crazy girl.
 Today we took a day trip over to the colonial town of Girón.  It is like Antigua Guatemala with the old cobblestone streets, except that everything is painted white.  I must admit, I like Antigua better with all of the color, but it was cool to see.

 Our driver Alvero took his daughter Maria along and they both speak some English.  The boys bought some candy at the candy market.  I found a flag and a bracelet I was going to buy, but when we went back, they were closed for 2 hours.  Bummer. 
 Alvero bought us pop, Quatro for Spencer and I and Jayden wanted to try Pony.  He has been seeing comercials for Pony kids drink and so he spotted it and had to try it!  It is made from malt like the base of beer, and he did not like it!  I tried it and it was bad, but they say the kids here like it!  So what did he do with it?

Why he gave it to his sister, of course!  She loved it and sucked it down.

 The central park.
 Luisa was acting so funny, the boys were cracking up at her.
 The boys trying their candy.  One of them got this cotton candy looking bubble gum stuff, the other got a hand shaped sucker.  We were all give a piece of chewy candy that was kinda gross.

 After we visited Girón, they took us to a mall in Bucaramanga so we could find Colombian soccer shirts for the boys.
 Then they took us to their family's house.  Their family has a clothing manufacturing business, and we got a tour of the place, and were able to see inside their home and talk with them for a while.  They had a bird that could talk and one of the sisters was trying to get it to come out of it's cage, but it didn't want to come out and it clutched the side of the cage with it's beak as she was pulling on its legs.  It was quite funny to see this bird hang on for dear life, and I started cracking up!  Soon this bird started copying my laugh exactly, {it was totally mocking me!}  Well, then everyone was laughing and the bird was turning in circles laughing it's fool head off!  That was definitely the highlight of the boys day!
 When we got back we were starving, we left the house at 10 am and didn't return until 3 pm!  So we went out to eat at restaurant nearby.
 Luisa's favorite game is peek a boo!  She plays it with everyone she meets, or talks to on Skype!
 She is too cute!

Tomorrow we are going to Church.  I am getting a taxi all by my big girl self.  Yikes.  Pray we get there and back safely!  Thanks for checking in on us.


nicole said...

Ur hair is adorable! Ur apart upbeat. Keep up the gr8 smiles.

Anonymous said...

Praying 4 u right now hope u r safe


Julie & Alexander said...

It is so obvious that Lusia absolutely loves her brothers, and that the feeling is mutal!

Alexander wants to say hi to Luisa: f7excvtvxv iu8fnb hmmyn gn /m4d6gvb