Friday, March 4, 2011

Our visit to the beauty salon...

One of the things we did just before Mary Ellen left was to go to a salon and get our hair colored!  My gray hairs were getting way too obvious, and it is way cheaper down here.  That is one thing we have noticed, services are cheaper, things are more expensive.
We were a little nervous as we weren't exactly sure if we would get what we asked for, because, well, we were not entirely sure of what we asked for!!!  I would not have dared to do that alone, Mary Ellen's Spanish is way better than mine!

The ladies were very nice, and said "you" and pointed for one of us to sit down at the shampoo bowl.
We asked for highlights, and they seemed to understand, but then after the foils were taken off and rinsed they asked what color Mary Ellen wanted.  We were a bit confused, but they sent a man in who could speak English and we found out they were going to do a toner.  They didn't ask me, just stuck something on my head!  But it all turned out just great and we both loved the end results!

I didn't get a good after picture, but you get the more gray hairs!!!


Lee said...

You could very well be the bravest woman I know. :) I love your brave heart and I'm hoping that the next time you need colored you'll be home sweet home. (cause I miss you).