Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just a glimpse...

of the crazy loud street we live on...

These buses have made their rounds 3 times tonight, and within a few minutes here came this next crazy loud gang.  {They were somewhat quiet at the light, but at the get the idea of what they sounded like when they came!}

All of this, intertwined with the ever present car alarms that go off, honking horns, people talking way loud, motorcycles, or music blaring (usually in English!)...right now I am listing to U2's With or Without you!  And it is 11:30 at night.  Amazingly, our fans are loud enough to cut most of it, and we have been sleeping pretty well, all things considered.  But the brick hard bed is getting harder, so glad I get to go home soon!


Patty said...

Hi Stacy, Spencer, Jayden and Luisa,

I am praying for you whenever you come to mind. Especially that you will be able to come home soon!