Monday, March 21, 2011

Our first couple of days...

The girls enjoying their first dress up tea party, with Easton as their servant! 
 Too cute!
 Yes, that is a lot of mac-n-cheese!
sweet sippy sporting sisters!
 listening to the is monkey see, monkey do over here!!
 walking around in mommy's heels.
 Lucy fell in the dirt, and she did not like it on her hands...
 So while mom snapped pictures, big sister came to her rescue!

 She didn't know what to think about the deer target in the yard, she was cracking us all up!
 Running away from the deer.
 Her first feel of snow!  She threw it down and wanted to get more just to throw it again.
 Still not fond of the deer.
But, she loves the cats!

So far it has been going very well.  Luisa just fits so well in our family, she has been a great addition, guess God knows what he is doing!  We stand amazed.  She loves the kids and seems to be having a great time here.  We absolutely love her and could not have asked for a smoother transition, thus far....
Thank you Lord, for the gift of Luisa.  She is such an amazing blessing, we are so incredibly grateful for allowing us the opportunity to be her family!


lucyseay said...

So happy to read your updates and see the pictures! Your stories are better than any book or TV show. Reading about the airport on Saturday morning just now made me tense and sick to my stomach, and I KNEW that it all worked out in the end. I cannot imagine how you felt at the time! So thankful for your faith and your testimony! Love you all!

Jodie said...

Welcome home! We feel blessed to have been able to journey along with you through the blog! Now I will have to find another blog with a family that is in Colombia as I think I am having withdrawal from all the time spent checking for updates on your blog! Dossier arrived in MN today! Yipppeee! FP appt in mid April...we are moving right along!

Merm & Lauren got a new blog... said...

Well, it's settled. I MUST come visit soon. She looks so adorable. And she wore your heels?! Did they fit? :) Miss y'all! I'll be up there by summer and that's a promise!

Anonymous said...

So happy that you could get home with LUISA