Sunday, March 20, 2011


Exhausted, will post more later!


Anonymous said...


Alexander said...

Welcome back Miss Stacy!!!!!

I've missed you!!!!

I can't wait to meet my new friend and babel at her and drool on her a little......well...a lot......I'm working on my first tooth.

Lee said...

YEA you are!
And we praise God for His goodness and mercy. For His steadfast hand that has held you tight and protected you. For the way He has gone before you.
And we again marvel at the greatness of our God who sets the lonely in families, and we thank Him for it.
Welcome Home, Louisa VanderZwaag, welcome home!

We love you already.

Mike, Lee, Brendan, Gabi, LexieBeth, and Baby Ryan

sonnie said...

Wonderful, wonderful. All prayers were answered. So glad you are home safely with your family. Rest, rest. Thank you for taking us on your journey. You have brought me closer to God through your faith.