Friday, March 18, 2011

Visa appointemnt done...

Unfortunately they don't allow cameras in the US embassy, so I don't have any pictures of that part of our day, but it all went well.  Long, but well.  We left around 9am and we had to stop by ICBF to pick up a paper that was supposed to be ready to go, well, it wasn't.  There was a mistake, and so we had to wait for that to get corrected.  I think we left there aroun11 and headed to the embassy.  I felt kind of bad there, because there was a very long line outside of the building {it's not really a building that you go in to, but a series of doors and some security, then you go to one of several windows, and you are really outside of the building at that point,} but anyhow, we got to pass all of the people standing in line.  We got some snacks and coffee there and waited around a bit, but it all went well and we were back to the hotel by 1pm, just in time for lunch!

Lucy playing by herself in the toy room.

The boys had a blast today playing with the kids here.

The gang.

Lucy felt left out and had to hop on the couch for her picture too.

This is the totally goofy grin she gives me every time I sing to her at night.  Maybe it is because I can't carry a tune?  Whatever the reason, it cracks me up!

Playing Checkers with a chess set with their new friends.

a few shots of the dining area of Hotel Paris...

Thanks to Angie, who took us to the market today, I found a bunch of the souvenirs on my list!

Tomorrow we go to pick up the visa at 3pm! 


John and Kristi said...

SO HAPPY things went rather quickly and you are almost returning home! Hope you like Hotel Paris! Please send hugs and kisses to Valeria, Juanita, and Camilla! Our daughter, Isabel, misses Camilla sooooo much! Our prayers continue on for your family!


If you are still looking for sourvenirs, there is an Artisan shop a short walk called Maku! The kids would have a great time walking through there!

Jill said...

Glad you are on your way home. Safe travels and God bless!