Thursday, March 17, 2011

pictures from our last day in Bucaramanga...

This butterfly was so bright and beautiful, Luisa liked it, but was afraid of it at the same time.

Another panoramic shot.

Poolside lunch of some awesome minestrone soup.

On this day we practically had the place to ourselves.

The kids made a whirlpool in the kiddie pool and had tons of fun.

Even Lucy enjoyed it!
Finally captured her smile, she was having a blast in the water!

another cool building, this is the Dann Carlton hotel

The picture isn't great, but I just wanted to remember the bags of water.  Slightly tricky to drink directly from, but good incentive to finish it all in one setting, you can't safely set it down!
The weather was great there, we are missing the sun and warmth.  The weather was nice for a bit today, but then the clouds rolled in and it was cooler.  I guess it is good because we are heading back to Michigan, and need to get used of the cooler weather.  We are praying the snow is gone by Saturday night!