Sunday, March 13, 2011


My camera is broken.  So that means no pictures.  Which=A BIG HUGE BUMMER!!
Not that I care so much about your enjoyment of the blog, but I plan to make this into a book for Luisa, and I certainly do not want to miss the rest of our trip in pictures.
So, while I contemplate what to do about this situation, there will be no more pictures on the blog.

We had fun today at the club, the weather was beautiful, around 80 degrees, and sunny!  Luisa loved the water today too.  It felt so good just to kick back and relax, by the pool again.
Tonight we went out for pizza and then to the grocery store for enough food for tomorrow.  We have pretty much eaten all of the food we had on hand and will only get what we need for the day so we are ready to go when they tell us it's time!
So, I guess that is all for now...
If only Mary Ellen were here!!!!


Merm & Lauren got a new blog... said...

Yuck! That IS SUCH A BUMMER!!! I wish I could be there.
I'll pray the Lord provides some means of capturing memories on this last leg of your trip. Maybe some sweet family in Bogota will let you borrow a camera? Bummer. Stinky. Booger.
I'm gonna pray over that right now.
Miss you guys!

Jeneric said...

what about trying to get it fixed down there??!?! You mentioned service items were much cheaper than the it possible they could fix it?

Trish said...

could you get a disposable and when you get back just develop it onto a cd (they do that at meijer and walmart) then you can just edit each post and add in the photos. we won't see them now, but then you will have them for the blog book.

Jodie said...